Bunk Beds With Stairs – Finding The Best Bunk Bed For Your Kids

The concept of bunk bed was to cater to big families saying in small areas, thus solving their habitat dilemma. This concept is exploited today by commercial manufacturers, who design, decorate and induct artistic appeal to cater to the requirements of well to do families. The business houses, by exploiting this simple idea, make a considerable profit by selling their bunk bed with stairs.

Bunk bed with stairs

Bunk bed with stairs is the latest designed product conceptualized and marketed by bunk bed manufacturers. In earlier days, the classic bunk bed had ladders, climbing from the bottom to the top. Moreover, many bunk beds did not have this facility resulting in the occupant climbing or hoisting him up to the top bed. Bunk bed with stairs, have their merits for which the parents buy them for their children, irrespective of the high cost factor. The obvious merits of the beds are; it has stairs, which are safe, and runs from the floor to the top of the bed, and hence easier and safer for the child to climb up and down without any accident. Without a ladder, it is risky to hoist up to the top, but with stairs having, the arms and legs stay in control thus providing a risk free climb to the top bed. In bunk bed with stairs, the chances of falling or slipping down are prevented.


Bunk bed with stairs has artistic appeal and molded into the environment of the room decorum to match with other furniture. Additionally, it provides an impression and feeling of richness when compared to the standard classic version. This is consumer psychology, like buying a new flashy car or a plasma television or going for a bunk bed with stairs. The manufacturers have tested the taste of the buyers and have come up with this innovative concept.

However, I personally feel that with the hefty price tag attached to bunk beds with stairs, it is not worth for many common people. The design of the bed has the aesthetic appeal and nothing more added for the value. Instead, if the buyer has the money to spend then he/she should opt for the bunk bed with futon underside, which when necessary used as a bed. This type of bed used as a sofa in normal times and during visit of guests the bed is pulled from beneath to sleep at night.


Bunk Beds with Stairs; its suitability to lifestyle

The design of the bunk bed staircase is that it has staircase to climb the top bunker instead of ladder. Many people including aged persons do not prefer to climb up the bunker because they are shaky and have an unpleasant feeling. There are some genuine apprehensions in this regard and some of them are discussed below.

  1. Overweight or fat people feel comfort while using bunk bed with stairs. Such people are uncomfortable with ladders, as they are strenuous, and feel safe with staircases. It is therefore advisable for such people to make use of bunk bed with staircases because slipping from a ladder can cause physical injury more than it can cause to a slim person. The maximum risk of falling from ladders is in the time of descending from the bunker in the morning. Therefore having a bunk bed staircase, such accidental situations are avoidable. The inclusion of staircase is a comfortable proposition for obese people.
  2. Some people suffer from Acrophobia. As such, they feel a natural panic like feeling when they realize that they are at a height devoid of protection. Such situations make them nervous which affects their descending and ascending uncomfortable. People with such phobia should not use bunk beds and if at all circumstances compels they should opt for bunk bed with stairs and avoid using ladders.  Similarly, aged people, frail people with weak hands should adhere to the bunk bed with stairs and not ladders. This relieves the joint, muscle pressure, which is otherwise detrimental to their physical condition, and therefore recommended. The stairs assist them in ascending and descending without risk.
  3. Many people with a taste for room furnishing value designs have the first choice for bunk bed staircase because to them the old-fashioned bunk beds are featureless which is similar to other prevailing pieces of furniture in the home. Since the bunk beds with stairs manufactured with wood, invariable custom made and come with different colors, designs and shapes added to make it look creative. People who value such creative concept prefer the custom-made design for the bunk bed stairs for their home. However, this bed with stairs may not be practical for many people but without any viable alternative, they have to adapt to it.

How to choose a bunk bed with stairs

Contemporary bunk beds with stairs are modern and practical in concept than the earlier version of bunk beds of the past. I remember when I was a kid our bunk bed was twin sized and on the top another twin sized bed with a ladder to climb to the top. I used to spend most of the time in the top bunker but later on, I changed places with my brother and descended down to the bottom. There I had my own private, small and cozy space. In those days, bunk beds were made of metal as well as wood and were economical in space utilization. When I visit my parents today I find those furniture is as efficient as it was then and is still functional and practical to use.


In contemporary times, we find that many additional features and designs added which never existed before. To sight an example is the inclusion of staircase. Most of the bunk bed is added with a staircase for ascending and descending the bunker, (many times the parents lifting their child for the night sleep) which is safe, hassle free and comfortable. The bunk bed with stairs has additional facilities, such as, space for drawers, storage space, bookracks, etc. This additional feature provides more space and allows the user to access to books for night reading. Bunk bed staircase often called as staircase bunk beds or stair stepper bunk beds, which solves the age-old problem of using a ladder to climb the bunker.

There are various types and designs of bunk bed staircase. Unlike regular version of twin bed over twin bed, you have twin bed over full size bed, full bed over full bed, which is comfortable for grown up kids and adults and who needs to economize space utilization. This type of bed is capable for sustaining a load of 400 lbs across the mattress, which is sufficient for a normal or slightly obese person.

The loft bed is attached with a desk or storage space, which is provided below the top bunker. Many designs have a bottom bed. Since there are several models of bunk bed with stairs are available, each model has its own additional facility. Loft beds generally have the features of bunk bed, storage space, desk, dresser, bookrack, all-in-one piece and are a wonderful piece of kid’s bedroom furniture.


When you propose to buy a bunk bed with stairs, it is pertinent to have fair knowledge about the material that is used in the furniture. It is wise to have a bunk bed with stairs that have solid wood instead of hollow wood. Buying the bed with solid wood has reasons to its merit.

  1. Buying, solid wood bunk bed you will get a natural look with natural grains of the wood, which will enhance the beauty of the room.
  2. Solid wood bunker bed will be long lasting and durable compared to particleboard, composite, or other materials such as MDF. Opting for metal bunk bed with stairs is also a good choice because it is durable, strong and compared to solid wood less costly. However, many people do not prefer the metal option as it lacks the aesthetic appeal.
  3. While Choosing a loft or bunk bed you need to decide the option of having an extra bed (up to three mattresses in a single piece) either under the bottom bunk or under the bed storage. Such displaceable beds known as trundle beds, which have a hidden bed beneath the bunk bed set. This helps a great deal when you have overnight visitors in home. In many models, these options are inbuilt in the bunk bed with stairs.

Eventually, one should have the knowledge about the best option of bunk bed with stairs with the best price tag. The best way to get an offhand idea is through internet. Many online manufacturers, commercial organizations, shops that sell bunk bed with stairs. Each seller has their review from customers, which speak about the price, quality, design and durability. Several manufacturers send their product directly to your home, when booked online. Hence, the safest and best way to compare price, quality, design and durability is to browse online.

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Selecting the Best Bunk Bed

Of late if you have been thinking to buy a bed for your kids’ or young adults’ room then bunk bed is one option you should lend sufficient consideration. Particularly if two or more kids share the room, bunk beds are ideal. They also fit well in houses with smaller built, making it ideal for those sharing a small studio apartment. Bunk beds, now a days are also available in a diverse range of different styles and designs. You will find bunk beds made in different structures and from various materials as well. Here is an inclusive guide to help you choose the right bunk bed.

What To Look For In A Bunk Bed

The size and dimensions of your room, the type of the material that is being used to make the bed and the design of the bed are some features that you should check while selecting a bunk bed among the various types available. The types of bunk beds available are metal bunks, loft and triple bunk beds. You can get them custom designed to match your personality and taste as there is a variety of different types available. Read more »

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Futon Bunk Beds for Teenagers

Many teenagers are tired of bunk beds and sharing a room is not one thing that they desire at their age. But if you already own a bunk bed and you want it replaced or you are looking for a bunk bed that are suitable for both kids and teenagers, a futon bunk bed is the best choice for children who are in their transition age from childhood to teen life. Here are some reasons why:

One great thing that teenagers may love about bunk beds is the lower bunk’s foldable function that can be transformed into a couch. It is suitable for teenagers because their space is much more customizable and will allow for them to gain control to display their individuality. Teenagers are already in a stage where they prefer more hours in their rooms alone and desire more opportunities to be diverse in their activity. So a futon bunk bed may be a good bed for a developing teenager.

futon_bunkFuton bunk bed

Read more »

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Cheap Bunk Beds – Quality Not Compromised

Bunk beds are children’s favorite beds. Children who have their own rooms enjoy sleepovers more.  Children who are sharing a bedroom, on the other hand, can save a lot of room space. So if your children are begging you for a bunk bed, consider it. Bunk beds may be a bit pricey for parents but there are stores that sell them at lower prices. You just need to know where to find them cheap, and at the same time suitable for your children.

Though cheap bunk beds can easily be found in major department stores, they are only on sale from time to time and bunk beds are rarely sold at a discounted price. Department stores have obviously higher prices for their bunk beds because they also buy it in bulk in other stores and they only resell them. That is why you need to search other stores beside major department stores.

affordable bunk bed

Affordable quality bunk bed Read more »

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Twin Over Full Bunk Bed

If you have limited sleeping space; if you have a couple of children with a year or two difference in age then the best sleeping solution to your dilemma is twin over full bunk bed.

In the present day economic recession, it is pertinent that we make such decisions that will provide the best utilization of the money. When space for sleeping the children is limited and yet you have to provide for their need then twin over full bunk bed is the best alternative. The scope of spending time with children is limited and people like to form memories of those wonderful moments spent with their siblings.

In rural Georgia where we were staying, my brother and me used to share a single bedroom with two twin beds, which occupied most of the space thus leaving very little space for other activities. We could have squeezed in more space in the room if we had twin over full bunk bed. In those days, my brother had difficulty in adjusting with the size of the bed as he was two year elder to me and equally tall. Twin over full bunk bed could have solved our problem had it been available in those days. The memories of the past with my brother sharing one bedroom could have been enriched if I could have had the upper bunk of a twin over full bunk bed.

Read more »

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Futon Bunk Bed – Kid’s Favorite Bunk Bed

With limited floor space and controlled budget, the best choice to buy a bunk bed is futon bunk bed. Futon bunk bed primarily designed to use less space and targeted for the children’s use. The folding bottom bed provides ample space during daytime, which facilitates the children to play around the room without making other spaces in home untidy. During night sleep the futon bunk bed is converted to conventional bunk with two beds.

Why Futon Bunk Bed?

There are few factors to consider before buying a futon bunk bed. Consider the area and space where the bed to be placed. Since there are several designed models available deciding the appropriate futon bed that will be accommodate in your room is vital. There are models, which should be fitted away from the wall, or else it will hit the wall. Moreover, wall hugger is essential because hinges are used for folding of the bed without damaging the wall. This allows additional space to the room for children to play. Consider these options carefully before buying futon bunk bed.

Best bunk bed Read more »

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Bunk Bed Plans – Building Your Own Bunk Beds

Bunk beds are essential for any household having minimum floor space. The primary concern of parents regarding bunk beds is its safety aspect. This predicament overcomes when you decide to have bunk bed with stairs.

The function of bunk bed is to accommodate beds in minimum space available, thereby allowing more children to be comfortable with the facility. The children enjoy using bunk beds, when it customizes to their taste and match with the theme sequence of the room.

There are some concerns in making the bunk bed yourself. However making such beds for kids you need to keep in mind certain things.

Build your own bunk bed

What To Look For When Building Your Own Bunk Bed

Safety:  Bunk beds are for children as well as for adults. Therefore inducting safety measures is necessary. More so additional safety measure is to be taken when a child is sleeping on it. Please consider this when designing your bunk bed plan. Read more »

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Bunk Beds For Kids – Helping You Find the Best Bunk Bed

Bunk beds for the kids – Bunk beds have more functionality than as sleeping furniture, because today it is available with various amenities, with different models to adapt to the child’s requirement and comfort. Often the children love to play by dressing up, playing video games, playing with construction toys or even reading storybooks, the bunk bed cater to all their need. Bunk beds are available in different types of materials and provide a wide range of choice to the buyer to select one that fits into the existing furniture in the room. The standard bunk bed provides twin bunks with mattresses but full size bunk beds are also available. The materials, colors and polish used in the bunk beds are non-toxic and provide adequately high railing in the top bunk for safety precaution. This prevents the child falling down at the dead of the night while rolling over.

For a single child, who loves his/her construction toy kits, the best alternative is to buy a loft bed with tent kit. Several other activities, such as, playing games on video require ample space for desk, which is provided with the regular bunk bed. The bunk bed is converted to temporary playhouse by adding slides that is hooked to the side of the bunk bed as the ladder does.

Best bunk bed for your kids

For the child who often play with toys or play dress-up would require a bunk bed with storage space. Such model should be selected which will allow space to pack the toys and dresses neatly and systematically. This will save you from trouble of finding it when required. The other alternative model is providing bunk for three persons to sleep. Instead of a storage space, you can choose a trundle bed, which is shunted under the bunks when not in use and when necessary pull up so that three persons sleep at night.

Teenaged child uses the bunk bed a stay comfortable while sleeping. When the child is absent or they do not expect any guests then the parents use the bottom bunk of the bed as a couch to view television or read books. This crux is solved with the option of futon bunk bed. When a single person is required to sleep in the room then with the futon model bunk bed the bottom is folded and bunk converted to couch. The couch is comfortable to watch television, play video games, work with laptops and be comfortable with the surrounding pillows. Read more »

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