Bunk Beds For Kids – Helping You Find the Best Bunk Bed

Bunk beds for the kids – Bunk beds have more functionality than as sleeping furniture, because today it is available with various amenities, with different models to adapt to the child’s requirement and comfort. Often the children love to play by dressing up, playing video games, playing with construction toys or even reading storybooks, the bunk bed cater to all their need. Bunk beds are available in different types of materials and provide a wide range of choice to the buyer to select one that fits into the existing furniture in the room. The standard bunk bed provides twin bunks with mattresses but full size bunk beds are also available. The materials, colors and polish used in the bunk beds are non-toxic and provide adequately high railing in the top bunk for safety precaution. This prevents the child falling down at the dead of the night while rolling over.

For a single child, who loves his/her construction toy kits, the best alternative is to buy a loft bed with tent kit. Several other activities, such as, playing games on video require ample space for desk, which is provided with the regular bunk bed. The bunk bed is converted to temporary playhouse by adding slides that is hooked to the side of the bunk bed as the ladder does.

Best bunk bed for your kids

For the child who often play with toys or play dress-up would require a bunk bed with storage space. Such model should be selected which will allow space to pack the toys and dresses neatly and systematically. This will save you from trouble of finding it when required. The other alternative model is providing bunk for three persons to sleep. Instead of a storage space, you can choose a trundle bed, which is shunted under the bunks when not in use and when necessary pull up so that three persons sleep at night.

Teenaged child uses the bunk bed a stay comfortable while sleeping. When the child is absent or they do not expect any guests then the parents use the bottom bunk of the bed as a couch to view television or read books. This crux is solved with the option of futon bunk bed. When a single person is required to sleep in the room then with the futon model bunk bed the bottom is folded and bunk converted to couch. The couch is comfortable to watch television, play video games, work with laptops and be comfortable with the surrounding pillows.

Bunk beds are available in online store, local dealers, furniture stores and many other places. The loft bunk requires tent kits, which may or may not be included in the sale offer. In such cases, one has to buy it separately. The other inquiry one makes is the inclusion of mattress in the sale offer. Many dealers provide mattresses with the bunk bed but some may not offer. However, several dealers provide mattresses for the bunk bed to attract customers and increase their sale. The online and offline shopping will provide you with numerous options for bunk beds to choose from, in which the kids can play and enjoy their sleep for times to come.

Types of Bunk Beds for Kids

The design of the bunk bed is the bunk is set vertically one atop the other. The bunks have four supportive poles in each corner and the top bunk is accessed by a ladder or staircase. The upper bunk provides a safety support to prevent from falling down while changing sides at night.


More than kid’s bed

Bunk beds specifically designed for children, wherein more than one child accommodated. This economizes the space utilization and ample room space is available for other purposes. The bunk bed strategically designed for children under six and the top bunk requires climbing a ladder or stairs, which is risky. Apart from this use, the bunk bed also used for other purposes where there is limited floor space and many people to sleep. Bunk beds are conveniently used in ships, Army garrisons, dormitories, hostels, prison cells, University halls of residence and in similar other fields.

Different models of bunk bed carry different price tags. You have a choice of economy model, expensive models, custom-made models, etc. The economy model is less expensive because the material used in it is either metal or soft wood or solid plastic. Solid wood bunk beds are costlier, but at the same time durable, long lasting, repairable and can be re-polished to give it a new shine. The costlier models provide additional facilities such as required accessories like drawers, shelves, storage space, etc.

Different varieties of bunk bed

Different models and types of bunk beds for kids are available in the market. Some of them are discussed below:

  1. Standard Bunk Beds:  This is a common type of bunk bed, which has two bunks placed over each other, and provides mattress to sleep. Kids commonly use this type of bed.
  2. Twin over full bunk bed: This bunk bed is similar to standard beds but provides a full sized bunk in the bottom and a twin bunk bed on the top.
  3. Futon bunk bed: This is similar to standard bunk bed but has an additional facility of western type couch, which when converted becomes a spacious bed at the bottom. This futon bunk bed is suitable for flats with minimum space or studio apartments. The bottom of this bed provides space for two persons to sleep and in daytime converts to a couch.
  4. L-shape bunk bed: The bottom of this L-shaped bunk bed placed in a right angle to the top bunk and looks like an L shape when you see from the top. The L-shaped bunk bed provides space for desk, chair or suitable furniture under the top bunk.
  5. Loft bed: In a loft bed design, you have only the top bunk. The bottom space of the top bunk then used to place required furniture, sofa, drawers, chairs, desk or storage space. Some models provide storage drawers or built-in workplace.
  6. Triple wretham loft bed: In this model, two numbers of standard beds are affixed to a loft bed, which allows three persons to enjoy their night sleep. The loft bed placed at right angle to the two standard bunk beds. The appearance of this model is L shaped.
  7. Triple wretham loft bed + Cougan: This model provides four bunks each on top of the other.

How to Find Good Bunk Beds For Kids

Selecting the right kind of bunk bed for kids is a challenging affair. You need to choose from several companies, brands, models, types and their accessories.

The customers perpetually have the same questions and the answers are similar in all cases. From such reviews, I have compiled four important factors, which I think will help you while buying a bunk bed for your child.

  • A solid bed: The general complaint received from parents is about finding a robust and sturdy bunk bed, which is durable, safe and comfortable for their kids. Looking for thick lumber and solid wood is the plausible choice for your dilemma. In retail stores the bunk bed available normally, manufactured with pressboards and is available cheap. You have to ensure that the planks provided at the top bunk holds the mattress firmly and safely. Instances have occurred due to uneven plank placement when a child has fallen down from his/her upper bunk bed, through the mattress. A safety guardrail is necessary on both sides of the bunk bed including the side that faces the wall to prevent accidents.
  • Custom made bunk bed: There are many types of models available to choose. However, when the design, material or the finish does not suit your taste then you can order for custom-made bunk bed. Finding someone to modify or make bunk bed of your choice and suitability is wiser. You buy bunk beds once in lifetime and thus having the same according to your specifications is justified.
  • Guarantee and warranty: The bunk bed you buy need to provide with guarantee period and warranty period. Unless you insist on having this assurance for the bed, costing $500.00, your bed may deteriorate during a short time and fall apart. Several companies provide five years of warranty with reasonable guarantee period for the frame, which is the basic structure of the bunk bed.
  • Prefer local make bunk beds: It is wise to buy local made bunk beds as it supports the local economy, provides prompt after sales service and undertakes complaint of their sold product. Local made implies, your vicinity, province, state or at least your country.

With all these suggestions, do not feel scared to find a good quality bunk bed for your child. These are few tips that will help you find a good, sturdy, long lasting and aesthetic piece of bunk bed, which will make you happy over the years to come.

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