Futon Bunk Beds for Teenagers

Many teenagers are tired of bunk beds and sharing a room is not one thing that they desire at their age. But if you already own a bunk bed and you want it replaced or you are looking for a bunk bed that are suitable for both kids and teenagers, a futon bunk bed is the best choice for children who are in their transition age from childhood to teen life. Here are some reasons why:

One great thing that teenagers may love about bunk beds is the lower bunk’s foldable function that can be transformed into a couch. It is suitable for teenagers because their space is much more customizable and will allow for them to gain control to display their individuality. Teenagers are already in a stage where they prefer more hours in their rooms alone and desire more opportunities to be diverse in their activity. So a futon bunk bed may be a good bed for a developing teenager.

futon_bunkFuton bunk bed

The second point is that the room of a teenager has to be more space saving rather than space occupying. They need a room that is functional wherein furniture like futon bunk beds can provide enough space for them. There are also some models that contain a lounge style futon on the lower bunk where a desk unit can be attached and the lounger can be folded into chair to become a seat for the desk. Aside from that, futon mattresses are firm enough to provide adequate support for the growing body of teenagers which can avoid back problems in the future and thus, providing an environment that is suitable for their proper development.

metal futon bunk bedMetal futon bunk bed

The third thing that teenagers love about futon bunk beds is the greater possibility to be able to accommodate friends during sleepovers. It is also a great hangout place for teenagers to listen to music, play an instrument, do solitary activities such as reading a book or a magazine, watching television, and even play gaming unit in their rooms. Because of more activities which can be done inside their rooms, parents may experience a more reduced noise in the living room.

futon Another Futon bunk bed

Fourth, the price of futon bunk beds is just right which makes it easier for parents to invest to. Children and teenagers enjoy them because they can be great sleeping beds while they grow. Also, adequate maintenance is only needed by flipping the mattress monthly and preventing excessive moisture using a futon cover. Various designs of futon covers are available from online suppliers and local retailers as well.

Twin futon bunk bedsTwin futon bunk beds

If you are planning to buy a futon bunk bed, try to search online for a design or style that you and your child or teen agrees upon. Then you can either have it delivered at your door step or you can search in local stores around your area for the same design and buy it from there.

No matter what design you are looking for, surely it must be available. Try to search around and settle for a design with quality price that will be with your family as you grow.

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