Selecting the Best Bunk Bed

Of late if you have been thinking to buy a bed for your kids’ or young adults’ room then bunk bed is one option you should lend sufficient consideration. Particularly if two or more kids share the room, bunk beds are ideal. They also fit well in houses with smaller built, making it ideal for those sharing a small studio apartment. Bunk beds, now a days are also available in a diverse range of different styles and designs. You will find bunk beds made in different structures and from various materials as well. Here is an inclusive guide to help you choose the right bunk bed.

What To Look For In A Bunk Bed

The size and dimensions of your room, the type of the material that is being used to make the bed and the design of the bed are some features that you should check while selecting a bunk bed among the various types available. The types of bunk beds available are metal bunks, loft and triple bunk beds. You can get them custom designed to match your personality and taste as there is a variety of different types available.


Different Types Of Bunk Beds

Metals bunk beds are considered to be the sturdiest type and are built with tough material that last longer than bunk beds made of other materials. Also these are not different from triple beds and loft bunk beds in terms of its design. Metal beds come in a great variety of designs to choose from.

Loft bunk beds are a perfect choice for kids sharing a room. These are manufactured in a way such that it can accommodate two or more children. You can even accessorize these bunk beds as they have enough room for decorations. In smaller rooms there is very little space for other activities like studying and playing for which loft bunk beds are ideal. You will find loft bunks in a variety of type such as basic loft, study loft, novelty loft and junior loft. For children who go to school, study loft is the best option. Loft bunk beds are obtainable in metal as well; you can even get them customized according to your style and preference.


Triple bunk beds are a good substitute for the most common double bunks. To accommodate more than two people triple bunk beds are a perfect choice. These are commonly found in hostels or studio flats where young adults share a room. Bunk beds are also found in other styles like L- shaped bunk beds and futon bunk beds.


The above mentioned information details will give you a fair idea about the various kinds of bunk beds offered in the market. We can now discuss about the more important factor which needs consideration and that is the type of material used to manufacture these. Commonly metal, wood and plastic is used, of which metal is the strongest and most durable. Loft bunk beds and basic bunks are made of wood or tough plastic material.

It is crucial here to keep in mind that all sorts of bunk beds are not suitable for children’s room. Some beds can be really risky and dangerous, particularly for those kids who enjoy climbing up and down the bed repeatedly. Also make sure that you place the bunk bed in a safe and more appropriate corner of the room. Give considerable thought to the height of the bed as well. Your child’s security and protection comes foremost, so keep that in mind before buying a bunk bed for your kids.

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