Twin Over Full Bunk Bed

If you have limited sleeping space; if you have a couple of children with a year or two difference in age then the best sleeping solution to your dilemma is twin over full bunk bed.

In the present day economic recession, it is pertinent that we make such decisions that will provide the best utilization of the money. When space for sleeping the children is limited and yet you have to provide for their need then twin over full bunk bed is the best alternative. The scope of spending time with children is limited and people like to form memories of those wonderful moments spent with their siblings.

In rural Georgia where we were staying, my brother and me used to share a single bedroom with two twin beds, which occupied most of the space thus leaving very little space for other activities. We could have squeezed in more space in the room if we had twin over full bunk bed. In those days, my brother had difficulty in adjusting with the size of the bed as he was two year elder to me and equally tall. Twin over full bunk bed could have solved our problem had it been available in those days. The memories of the past with my brother sharing one bedroom could have been enriched if I could have had the upper bunk of a twin over full bunk bed.

During my college days, I lived in a dormitory room. I could have enjoyed and got the advantage of additional space from the twin over full bunks, as I am six and a half feet in height. The space, which I would have got, was equivalent to the space provided by full-sized lower bunk. My roommate and I could have judiciously utilized this additional space in the dormitory.

There are two types of twin over full bunk beds available to decide. You have the choice of buying metal or solid wood twin over full bunk beds. While considering the price factor the metal twin over full bunk beds are cheaper than the solid wood bunk beds. The twin over full bunk beds are durable, long lasting, repairable and can be polished to give a new look, which is unlike to the metal bunks. The wood-based twin over full bunk beds can withstand the harsh abuse of children and refurbished conveniently with a minimum cost. These beds are such furniture, which can last for generations to come.

Requirement of twin over full bunk beds

Twin over full bunk beds contains one full size bed, which normally comes at the bottom and a twin size bed provided at the top of the bunk. These beds are mainly targeted for the use of children and not suitable for adults or grown up child. This attribute of twin over full bunk beds do not imply that it suits the need of all the children because it has specific purpose and suitable for few of the situations given below.

  1. Parents having two siblings with considerable gap in their ages opt for twin over full bunk beds as it is convenient to the user and it provides adequate comfort to the user. In such cases, the elder one occupies the lower bunk and the young child uses the top thus allowing them to have a comfortable night sleep. However, if both the bunks are full sized, the top bunk user will get extra space in the bed but may not find it comfortable or homely because of the large dimension. Therefore, in such situations twin over full bunk beds is the best choice.
  2. With a single child who frequently has a friend to sleep over at night the best provision would be to get a twin over full bunk bed. Twin over full bunk bed provides maximum comfort during sleep without utilizing any additional space for the purpose. This allows the regular household chore to carry on uninterrupted, even when not used. Moreover, the lone child can utilize the top bunk as his/her playing space with toys, etc without making a mess in the floor of the home.
  3. Buying a twin over full bunk bed before having a second child is a wise decision. The situation is easily controlled when a newborn comes to the home. The bed may not be utilized for some time. However, when the baby is born, the elder child can occupy the lower bunk and the newborn accommodated in the top bunk. This decision may call for financial expenses, but the investment will get appropriate results in the approaching future, when the baby is born. You will not only be relieved but also be happy to think of your far-fetched decision. This investment prevents you from making hasty investments and therefore the decision is justified and worthy. These are few tips for having a twin over full bunk bed.

Benefit of twin over full bunk bed

A conventional bunk bed and a twin over full bunk bed for the children bedroom have their inbuilt contrast. Conventional bunk beds are designed one over the other to form the bottom and the top level. This saves the floor space, which may not be possible when you opt for single bed concept. The saved space is ready to be used as space for study table, storage for toys, bookracks and similar other necessities.

The design of a twin over full bunk bed is different from the conventional bunk bed. Twin over full bunk bed designed to have a full bed at the bottom for two persons and the top bunk is generally twin sized. The top twin sized bunk is lesser in width compared to the bottom bunk. This design accommodates three persons comfortably; two at the bottom and one at the top. Moreover, the top bunk being lesser in width accommodates a slanting ladder connecting both the bunks.

The provision of a slanting ladder provides maximum safety to the child while climbing and is convenient to use than the straight or vertical ladders. Twin over full bunk bed accommodates three persons and thus a best choice for the guest bedroom furniture. Frequent visit of guest to the home is well looked after when you have a twin over full bunk bed. During the visit of guest, the family shifts to this bed and stays together during sleep. Moreover, the child feels cozy staying with the parents and feels safe while waking up at night, so also the parents

The metal and the wooden twin over full bunk bed have varied price tags. The cost of these beds begins with $500.00 and beyond. The factor, which is essential for buying a good twin over full bunk bed, is the budget. If money is spent then a custom-made bed matching the room theme can be ordered or a similar piece can be bought from the dealer.

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